Club Members

The World's Finest Nutritious Tea, Coffee And Pastry Selections For Our Exclusive Members.

Thank you for your valued interest in supporting our nutrient packed tea, coffee and pastry products.

We are glad to extend our exclusive membership to our customers and partners who may be interested in carrying our products, our recommending them to their inner circle of friends.

By joining our exclusive food and beverage club, you will get to enjoy our popular product and pre-launch tasting sessions to make your recommendation and future purchasing choices with us, easy and hassle free.

We also offer our club members, specialized services and different tiers of partnerships to make their wholesaling experience with us simple and easy for all their food and beverage needs.

Occasionally, as a member of our valued club, we offer special perks and access to our very own private knowledge blog where we share recipie secrets of making good nutritious food and beverages.

Some Membership Privileges Include:

Easy online ordering
Net 60 days credit terms (on all orders for brick & mortar stores)
Free returns on your first order
Vouchers and discounts on your first orders
Free shipping for up to 1 year (or USD$1000 whichever is lower)

Please browse our club membership plans and choose the one which fits you.