Summer Promotion Mega Pack (June - August)

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Summer Exclusive Sale (Non-Refundable)

Limited Time Only! Purchase our micro beverage blends to sip together with pineapple tarts in a mega value promotion pack!

Choose your blends of beverages (Coffee or Tea mix and match).

We offer many flavorful blends to suit the taste of a healthy drink for every occasion.

Hit the "Add to Bag" button, Like, Subscribe and share with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube before the promotion period ends.

Approximately 4 - 8 servings per beverage bottle



Micro-encapsulated tea blends are Rolling Pasture's patent pending product and manufacturing process which encapsulates nutrients, vitamins and minerals dense extract for convenient health consumption benefits.

Our beverages combine vitamins A, C, D, E, iron, salts, flavonoids and calcium in a microencapsulated core as a delicious and tasty beverage.

Our nutrient dense tea functions around helping the human digestive system work more efficiently and nourish both physical and mental health through the gut brain axis (GBA).

Our unique blend helps regulate glucose levels, slowing the rise of blood sugar levels after eating - preventing insulin spikes and reducing fat storage.

Our patented essentials extraction technology which does not require the process of pasteurization, ensures that key vitamins and nutrients (like amino acid L-Theanine) are preserved.

These nutrients in our responsibly and sustainably sourced green vertical farms contain properties to lower total and LDL cholesterol and protects it from oxidative effects to lower cardiovascular disease and cancer forming free-radicals.

Take a capsule after a hearty meal for a healthy digestive experience and boost your body's immunity to cancer with our herbal infusion flower tea's power anti-oxidants.

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Summer Promotion Mega Pack (June - August)
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